Today, I took out the trash.

I've forgotten my dreams again.


I'm frivolous with my money until it's almost spent.
And I turn the music up just loud enough to hear it over my ear plugs.
And I walk directly through the water to avoid the bridge.
And I delete my messages and wonder what they said, and why no one talks to me anymore after I told them not to.
And I say, "Don't go, I'll miss you too much," and they had already left.
And you gotta run around, and go to work, and do all this shit.
And then you do what you didn't mean to, so you say you meant to, and you say, "Fuck, I don't want to, but I'm gonna."
And the cat dies, and it rains out. Your best friend forgets your first name. Hit a deer, get cancer, keep smoking. Hit another deer. Spill your cup. Get a job. Go on vacation. School's closed. It only snows on Tuesdays...
But it's okay, you're powerless, it's fine, it's only natural.
God laughs, and the bees buzz. Green lights over the stop signs.
It's okay, you're fine.
It's only natural.


Headache's subsided, must be the bug spray's wearing off. I'm glad I started remembering my dreams.

My neighbor is so mad!

The OBAD diet is going well. Yesterday I only had one bowl of food. I also had two plates of food, and two plastic containers of leftovers.

On the way home from the store, I gave somebody a thumbs up and they gave me a thumbs up back. It was invigorating.


was trying to show me their post about the death of a sibling and an insurance company rebuff... meanwhile, I'd accidentally transferred a deposit from one online account to the same account and now it was missing... I wanted them to just email it to me but I was already standing over a shoulder trying to read, and the text was too small, and

Woke up with a bad headache. Too many pots of rice and beans! Fortunately, the OBAD diet allows unlimited hot chocolate and coffee.

Happy February!


Tomorrow I start the OBAD diet. That means one bowl of food a day.

I was messing around with my computer today. At the same time, I moved around the furniture in my house. I put the bed in the living room. Nope! I put the bed back in the closet where it belongs and fixed my computer.

Currently in the news are stock markets. Something happened.

There's a winter weather warning.